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Putin is back with no apologies. Obama will try to give away more missiles.

March 10, 2012

Obama wins bidding war by giving away more missiles!

Every time Obama makes a deal with Russia, we wind up giving away more to get less.  He’s one shrewd wheeler-dealer!  Putin looks forward to Obama winning the 2012 election.  Happy Days are coming to the USSR if Obama gets elected. NATO saw Obama back down on installing missile defense when Russia started complaining they don’t need this in Europe.  Obama said “Sure, we won’t sell them any missile defense system!” We were the beacon of freedom when we weren’t ashamed to stand up for our principles.  Now PRAVDA laughs at us as a “fascist democracy” that prefers bombing and drone missile attacks instead of using diplomacy.  Why did we attack Libya with missiles and drones without declaring war with Congress? Obama called Putin to congratulate him on his victory of getting elected.  We don’t know how much China and Russia are contributing to the Obama superpac through straw men, but it’s money well spent.  The world is being divided up between Russia and China through their surrogate puppet allies.  We just watch.

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