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Solution to inflation is so simple, just cut back! Thanks Obama!

March 7, 2012

Jimmy Carter told us to stay cold to save energy!

My fellow hobo folk, this year completes the circle of liberal lunacy!  Yes, we have the answer to inflation, and it’s so simple.  Of course the mind that came up with our solution is rather simple also. If we cut back on using gasoline, then the price must drop!  Wow, so if don’t use gasoline at all, then we’re in good shape!  VOLT, horse-drawn wagons, and bicycles will fix our problem!  With recognition to president Obama, I also volunteer another solution to a problem vexing a lot of families today.  Food prices are rising fast.  This can be solved easy.  Victory gardens by every neighborhood in village, town, and city will show them greedy farmers!  Stop buying food at the grocery store, and watch how well we live!    So if we die walking during blizzards to save gas because our VOLT went dead, it will be for the cause!  If we suffer from malnutrition, and watch our children cry in hunger, then we have done this for the cause.  What cause?  Cause the Democrats are the dumbest idiots that are too dumb to understand that we a producing powerhouse, not  belt-tightening skimping lay about bums. If we increase production of food products, then will prices increase?  If we increase production of refined gasoline, then will prices increase?  IF DEMOCRATS INSIST DECREASE GAS USE NOW, THEN WHY WILL PRICES DECREASE IF WE REDUCE CONSUMPTION?  These are 2 sides of the same coin.  Prices decrease when we hold our breath and say NO NO NO?  Prices must continue to increase if we increase supply in excess of demand?  There is no logic to this nonsense being dredged out of the Jimmy Carter playbook.  We are in deep, deep trouble.

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