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Why is this guy treated like a potentate? Rush, shut up!

March 4, 2012

Listen to me! I'm mad and excited!

Who is this guy?  Why does anyone care what he says?  It’s like your crazy uncle at Thanksgiving who has conspiracy theories and ruins the holiday feast of the family.  The only advantage with Rush Limbaugh is you can turn off the radio.  I listen once in a while and usually turn it off.  I do wonder how dumb the people are that listen to his program.  The glowing and gushing testimonials on his conversions makes me ill.  “Rush, I was a blind follower of liberal doctrine, but you brought me to salvation!”  Anybody that blindly follows liberal doctrine is a moron even if there is a doctorate degree in their office.  Anybody that frets over the end of the world with stupid liberal lemmings marching to the cliff should not worry.  They will fall to their death, and that ends the problem.  The “apology” was not an apology.  It was “Gee, I’m losing money sponsors, and my audience is leaving since I insulted Fluke.  I’m sorry.”  Rush has mental problems and lives in a world of delusion.  He needs help, and his wife has to slap him around to get him back to reality. This birth control pill popping law student who is a problem for the blowhard bigmouth Rush. When is it funny to call a woman a slut and prostitute for amusement?  Her dad should challenge Limbaugh to setlle this with an old fashioned fist fight. Why does Fluke need all this money for birth control?   I know teen age girls who wear “condom earrings”.  They look like costume jewelry but actually conceal a condom pack dangling from each ear.  2 condoms is a busy night and cost $3.00.  Why is this Fluke whining about pills that cost too much a big deal?  She’s not married, have her boy friends wear a condom.  As a fallback, wear the condom earrings.Discrete protection with condom earrings.

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