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The Phantom of Obama

February 26, 2012
We need to save our White House from the Phantom

The fictional creation “The Phantom of the Opera” has captured the imagination of the world.  We all love music (even if it’s banned by Islam) and the romantic frustration of the tortured soul who has been blessed with his genius for music but cursed with his self-conscious concern on his appearance.  Also, his ego was a monstrous delusion of his self-importance to the Opera House he treated as his personal playland and terrified the hard-working members of the troupe.

Ultimately the Opera House came to ruin since they could not remove The Phantom who brought mayhem as he was seeking his fortune in money he demanded and privilege by a free hand in dictating how the Opera House should dance to his tune from his own private box.
Our President Obama seems to be The Phantom of the White House in his own way.  His mercurial temper lashes out with no regard for the citizens of the country.  We were told by his propaganda storm trooper that he wanted to step on the throat of BP oil company.  The rational solution to the oil leak that lacked any coordinated federal action was to demand money that has barely trickled to those afflicted from that disaster. Of course, he closed down any off shore drilling just in case.  As we see our doom fast approaching with gasoline inflation, he sneers and heaps sarcastic jabs at the hard-working people of our country would like more oil please.  No, no, no we need pond scum, solar panels, and wind turbines instead.  How this will help us is never explained as we bankrupt our country throwing money into his brilliant egotistical solutions that create more problems.
My only hope is that the citizens turn out to vote, and yes even the deceased Democrats who are voting by the political magic of Obama cannot replace those of us who are very much alive and voting him out.
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