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“Somebody is always trying to get into the act!” Jimmy (the schnozz) Durante

February 26, 2012
President Truman seated with Durante ready to tickle the ivories!

During our darkest hours of World War II president FDR had failing health.  With the completion of the task at hand still ahead, FDR expired and left to Harry Truman the challenges of unfinished business and new battles to win.  I remember seeing him on television as a little hobo.  Let me tell you what impressed me then, and still does to this day.  He walked in Washington DC.  The reporters and television equipment had to hustle along to try to keep up.  He walked a brisk clip.  So much for entourage of secret service squad, armored limousines, and clearing out the town to make way.

I grew up watching Jimmy Durante on television and his movies too.  He was very popular even though his singing wasn’t great, and his piano playing was just okay.  Why did he have an audience?  People liked him!  I liked him, and I never met him.  He used to slap his forehead when a guest wanted to sing with him on television.  “Somebody is always trying to get into the act!”  His frustration was his comic relief and setting his guests at ease so even if they screwed up, it was okay since he was a pro.
President Obama is maybe our best singing do nothing president I ever saw.  Legend has it that Millard Fillmore was a better singer, and he did bring in plumbing to the White House and sent our fleet to China to open trade.  Don’t think Obama will be remembered as any better than Millard Fillmore when he gets kicked out in 2013.  He has a future job as a judge on American Idol.
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