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White House broke so no “SuperBowl” party!

February 5, 2012
46th SuperBowl not same without Obama party?

Lombardi Trophy game will be observed modestly by our President.  Just what every red blooded man wants, to sit at home with your wife and mother in law to “enjoy” the game.   Is Obama being punished?

Obama may reconsider running for President.  4 more years of being hen pecked?  Biden won’t even show up for comic relief!  Times are mighty tough when the court jester hides from you.
Anyway, moderates do not think it is correct to call this a “super” bowl.  I like the guy that wears a “medium bowl” cap!  After all, we want to be moderate and why does anyone have to win or lose anyway?  It’s not fair if the best players are all on the same team.   Obama approach to running our country is to include mediocre and less talented people to run our country.  We don’t want to only pick the best people, it won’t be fair.
No party for the SuperBowl is un-American!  I bet even Putin had a party!  Will Obama igonore Valentine’s Day?  What about St. Patrick’s Day?  He seems to piss off the Catholic Church, so he’s shunned.
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