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Why has Obama abandoned OCCUPY OAKLAND rioters?

January 31, 2012
OCCUPY see police as killers, and court as hanging judges?

Our President Obama and former queen speaker of the House Pelosi were wishing all the OCCUPY good luck.  Now, they pretend they never knew about OCCUPY riots, destruction, and flagrant claims of being ill treated by the law peace keepers they taunt and attack.

Chinese saying; “If you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas!”  Think Pelosi and Obama are starting to itch?
Obama graduate students of his community organizer classes are now on the front ranks of this anarchy for personal profit movement.  Extortion by shutting down union dock workers, wasted limited budget money of cities to protect the public from protestors anarchy, and no clear goal or accomplishment from this mindless protest circus of losers.  If you want a laugh, visit their OCCUPY website with lots of donation links.  What are these protestors doing to improve life for the 99% they claim are their supporters.
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