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“send me the bill, I’ll sign it!”

January 25, 2012
Let’s raise a glass to free travels around the globe.

The State of the Union speech on January 24, 2012  had a lot of “Obamisms”.  Did enjoy his complaining on the lack of work done by Congress.  Hope our fearless leader sticks around to do some work himself.

He kept repeating over, and over; “send me the bill, I’ll sign it!”  Of course he’ll sign any bill, he doesn’t have to pay it.  It’s nice to be rich using other people’s money.
When we spent a trillion dollars to stimulate our economy, what happend to that money?  Didn’t see any new dam, bridge, or even public rest rooms with a plaque thanking Obama.  Guess a trillion dollars doesn’t get much anymore.
I will sure miss him after the election.  He can take those world trips spending his own money for a change.
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