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U.S.A. flag stands for all of us and deserves our respect!

January 21, 2012
Why even pretend to honor our flag Obama?

We know it’s only a symbol of our nation and our citizens.  We know every nation has a flag representing their people.  Our flag has flown around the world in the fight for freedom.  Our flag has flown along side those fighting to remain free.  Our flag has been raised in the darkest times of our world’s history, when the future seemed doomed and bleak.

After the terrorist attack of 9/11/2001, I saw the spontaneous outpouring of love and respect to display our flag.  It was our statement to any who seek to attack us and our beliefs in our rights of our citizens.  Flags flew everywhere, and we all responded to the firefighters displaying our colors on the fallen girder amid the smouldering carnage.  It means more than a mere decoration to everyone.
There is a man in the people’s house that does not deserve to represent our country.  Our son was 11 at the time of the 9/11 attack, and went at 19 into the battle zone for our freedom and security.  He lost friends his age and they will never enjoy the lives and freedom we enjoy today.  There is no explanation or justification for ignoring our flag , our people.
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