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Why Obama will be our next president!

January 12, 2012

Obama closed GM factories and did the same for Solyndra!Michelle and her momma are keeping our president busy! He plans on getting around to getting more jobs in the USA by talking to job creators, the companies that produce and hire people. He thinks we can give companies some reason to invest in the USA instead of expanding in South America, Russia, India, China, Japan, New Zealand, and Mexico! It seems business is staying away from any help from our president? We are all now trillionaires thanks to his presidency! He will win by a landslide when he announces the new GM factories, and reopening Solyndra. GM will hire Michelle as director of customer relations. She will tell any complaining customers they're dumb. He already told us to wait 12 years before what he done takes effect! Why don't he run for President in 8 years when all he did starts taking effect? That way he can take the credit for his work. What did he do anyway? Smuggling chili dogs past Michelle's guard dog mom!

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