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Media Circus Enriched by Republican Debates

January 8, 2012
Dumb ass questions in search of blood for more money.

The 5,000 Republican candidate “debates” is the new reality television series enriching commercial media.  The “moderators” are more like ghouls hoping to inflict a bloody wound for more vultures to peck away at the flailing carcass near death.  Plus the advertising revenue makes the “news” division of each media group extremely profitable!

Then they can invite the “experts” who are professionals who sell their services to all political groups.  This shameless self promotion enriches all involved in this circus that is more like the Roman Circus that were gladiator bloody enterntainment.
David Gregory used to be a pretty boy media doll that is now attempting to prove he has an intellect.  Good luck on finding it.
Political hack now a media puppet for propaganda

The endless stream of propaganda oozing from every orifice of these commercial media celebrities does begin to smell.  We are glad these millionaires who look out for the little guy are making money in this reality television season.  Chelsea Clinton is anxious to plant her ass in the next available seat to join the vultures to get rich, and make us sick and tired of their pompous self importance.

We can hardly wait for their hard hitting analysis of the shambles our economy has destructed under the guidance and manipulation of business by our fearless leader B.O. as the best professor president since Wilson led us into world war.
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