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New Year Resolution to develop my skills in 2012

January 6, 2012
We are all capable of being better than we think!

Steve Reeves developed himself by organizing a program of exercise, nutrition, and living.  I admire his accomplishments, and respect the life he led in pursuit of his dreams.

He didn’t wait for anyone to mold him or shape him.  He developed his own vision of how he wanted to improve his physique by his own unique program.   The world loved his accomplishment as a mere mortal who could look like he belonged on Mount Olympus!
My goal is not so grand.  I intend to get healthier by my selection of food and yes, being more physicaly active.  Chopping firewood, and snow shoe hiking will get me improving myself.
My goal is to share some insights on life from my perspective in this forum.  My goal is to improve my chess skills and compete in the US Open in 2013, and sponsor the Green Bay Open championship tournament this July.  Last but not least, I refuse to participate in the delusions and propaganda spewing from every orifice in Washington D.C.  The hobo trail is too crowded with 13 million out of work folks, while we add 200,000 young adults of work age every month into this number.  The Wisconsin motto is “FORWARD”, and I intend to go forward.  Come on with me to make 2012 the best year ever!
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