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Hobo hypnotism discovered by Pravda!

December 28, 2011

It seemed so real!  I saw President Obama kissing a baby in Hawaii on national television, on every channel, all around the clock.  Was it really our fearless leader?  They also reported he took time to call 6 soldiers in Afghanistan over Christmas.  I know they will all cherish those few seconds of his precious time.  Our President was gloating that he got us 2 months more of stuff we have to pay for anyway, but he got it from Congress.

Last time I checked, Social Security was not counted as a tax, but now it’s employment tax?  I’m confused!  We’re getting taxed to work, besides our income tax we pay too?  Wasn’t Social Security a benefit we collect after we and our employer contributes on our paycheck?  What happens to our contribution and our employer’s contribution for my retirement with Social Security?  What is this President doing on anything that makes sense?  Kissing babies, telling us that things may take 12 years to get better, and telling us that Congress is the problem for everything has me in a dreamy trance.

Fooling you suckers in the USA!

Our president loves babies, he loves his occupy wall street pseudo revolutionaries, he wants us to take money from millionaires, and he likes giving our money to his buddies who lose money on investing in green energy companies.

The official unemployment count is also a figment of his propaganda department.  Sometimes, they counted more people out of work under Bush, and now they count less just because it’s inconvenient to worry about so many hobo folk in poverty.  The socialist pacification program of the commercial media propaganda machine surpasses the Pravda organization.  I feel so proud that we got more liars in the USA than the USSR!
As 2011 is nearing the end, I look backwards knowing that I will cherish these memories of our president.  I can barely remember Carter, and he was more entertaining with his crazy brother.  Our president will be able to join the ranks of those on social dole in 2012!  I do look forward to the new year, and am getting tired of watching the old tricks of lying, cheating, and stealing on a grand scale.
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