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Coonhound Christmas 2011

December 18, 2011
Millie the hobo “Treeing Walker Coonhound”

Late in the Summer of 2007, I heard whimpering like from a puppy out the window of our hobo shack on the lake.  Didn’t know of anybody with puppies nearby, but we get a lot of visitors in the Summer who come to enjoy the lake.  Asked my freeloader younger son to go down to the lake, while I went toward the woods.  I found 2 puppies wandering following a fat basset hound that I knew wandered the area.  They were playing follow the leader, and the hound wandered back toward home.  One puppy wandered toward the recently widowed neighbor’s house, and this puppy climbed up my tiltbed trailer along the pole barn.  I scooped her up into the palm of my hand and gave her to number 2 son to take into the house.  I walked to the neighbor lady and told her I would take the puppy at her doorstep to the local shelter nearby.

Molly the Keeshond just passed away recently, and the bacherlor dogs Woody and Poochie missed her.  Confered with my duchess and decided to keep this puppy that I thought was a mix breed.  She checked with sherif office, veterinarian, and shelter with no reports of any puppies stolen or missing.  We named her Millie and we discovered that she was not a beagle mix like I guessed wrong.  She is a full blooded treeing walker coonhound.  There is no way to describe living with a coonhound, and no way to prepare for it.
Even though they don’t have the coat for cold weather like in the subzero north woods, she is glad to wear a wool coat so she can stay out with Woody and Poochie with snow up to her belly.  She can be heard for a country mile when she’s barking on a scent, and then she’s stalking dead quiet when following her prey.  She can leap like a deer over fallen trees and run as fast as a cougar, and has the fangs of a wolve.  We got plenty of all of those critters in our woods.  We can’t take her with us for our Christmas visit to relatives, because the reindeer would be spooked by the baying and howling of our coonhound.  She’s the best dog I ever had and also the worst.  Stubborn, ornery, and too damn smart for her own good, but loyal, devoted, and protective of our family make her a dog I would never buy, but have to keep.
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