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Ho, Ho, Hobo Christmas 2011!

December 17, 2011

Oh my gosh, my golly, Christmas time is near!  I’m feeling so jolly, I think I’ll have a beer!

Pabst Blue Ribbon, Old Style, Schlitz in cans and bottles are lined and waiting to share some holiday fun.  Beef jerky, summer sausage, and string cheese will help the festive feasting.

Celebrate as Emporor of the North Pole!

As our President is concerned on the welfare of all residents of the USA, we applaud the initiative to create a “Hobo Czar” position on his top heavy staff of limousine riding free loaders.  The Hobo Czar is responsible for all things related to being a hobo.  There are 15 million hobo folk right now, and those that know tell us that 1 out of 3 are poverty poor.  This president has to take pride in having the most in poverty and hobo population even compared to President Hoover!

So have a hobo Christmas!  Throw a nickle in the Salvation Army red bucket!  Drop off a can of Spam at the church food pantry for the poor.  Throw some cash into the Catholic Charities, because we got kids freezing without winter clothes.  Kids keep growing, but parents can’t afford to replace clothes. It won’t take much to help a lot of hobo folk. Santa Claus might find his way into the hobo jungle with cans of beans.  Merry Christmas!

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