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Green Bay Packers stealing share holder money!

December 11, 2011
Packer Stock worth only the paper it’s printed on!

Let’s make it clear that the Green Bay Packers football team is the best I have ever seen ever.  Now, let’s also make it clear that the Green Bay Packers, Inc. stock offering is a scam, a joke, and stealing money from fans.  You got no equity in the company, no dividends, no resale value, and you can attend a “share holder” meeting in the field during the summer.  They priced it at $25o per share.  Why?

Does the paper and printing cost even $10?  You don’t get a discount on merchandise, don’t get any preference on season tickets, and you give up $250.  I will counterfeit a Green Bay Packer document for $125 that proves you are a sucker!  A sucker is born every minute according the world’s greatest promoter P. T. Barnum.  I’m glad that President Obama got a share of stock as a gift from Green Bay champs.  I like the idea of giving him a worthless gift!
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