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An Empty Chair at Thanksgiving Feast

November 24, 2011

Today we gather as family, friends, or strangers to give thanks to our Creator.  We enjoy sharing memories we treasure to bring back the joys of our life.  We miss those who we cannot see this year, and there are some we can never see again.

We give thanks for sharing our journey through life with those who can’t be at our Thanksgiving feast.  We miss being pestered, and we miss eating meals we didn’t like as our favorite food.  I remember the meals I didn’t like, but I miss the lousy cook.  I miss the nagging, and the stories I heard a hundred times.

So today just be yourself.  If you’re loud, obnoxious, and pushy, then that’s your legacy.  Don’t be ashamed or emabressed of who you are.  I miss Tom who was a drunk and drug addict, but had a heart of gold.  I miss Larry who beat his wife and was a drunk, but who stopped drinking and would help friends anf family in blizzard or 200 hundred miles away.  I miss Carol who only wanted children, but never had that blessing.  She thought I was her knight in shining armor.

If you’re a hobo without too much jingle in your pocket and feel like a free loader, then don’t sit alone.  There are people who need you to share their fun.  Fun is free.  Let’s all have some fun today for those who can’t have fun today.

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