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Truth reveals why USA is great!

November 6, 2011
USA liberates the genius of the “common man” is a unique power.

This amateur hobo gets bored and tired of pedigree and doctorate degrees being bestowed by self appointed intelligentsia.  Eric Hoffer was a merchant marine and a longshoreman in San Francisco.  He observed life even when he had temporary blindness that kept him idled from physical labors.  When vision was restored, he devoured reading in fear of losing that gift again.  His sight remained, and so did his vision.

He was gruff and inquisitive.  It was a fluke that elevated him into a brief period of national popularity.  CBS Eric Sevareid selected to interview and let Eric Hoffer reveal his observations on the genius of the USA compared to the spectrum of history and culture around the globe.
For those with short attention spans and little patience, you will be delighted to find his books seem more like pamphlets, than tomes of weighty matters.  His books are a point of entry into learning more about ourselves and why the USA citizens are so different.  His rough hewn features and lack of fashion sense endeared him to people weary of supermodel fashion and self appointed celebrities with no substance like Kim Kardashian or Al Gore.
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