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WOW! Kim “crass” Kardashian divorce?

November 2, 2011
The marriage media hype with USA reaction; So What?

Who is crass?  Look at the bride in this publicity photo from the Kardashian shameless self promotion for our money.  After wedded bliss.  We know she is crushed emtionally by the divorce, but it won’t hurt her bank account one penny!

I think I prefer Jersey Shore participants now, after seeing her act.  Her tear filled declaration on deciding divorce read; “After careful consideration,  I have decided to end my marraige.”
Sorry, Kris Humphries was being played for a sucker by a conniving money grubbing low life.  You worked hard by your efforts to make the highest level of sports by being in the elite of professional NBA players.
Marriage takes 2 people for as long as there have been men and women taking their life long journey together.  She decided to end her getting hitched.  This came as news to Kris.  Did she break a few plates and chase him with a frying pan around the mansion?  Or did she check her bank account, saw all the deposits were in from the wedding and said; “So long sucker!”
Kris, all this old hobo can tell you is you are ahead of the game being back on your own.  I seen that family on television.  How could you stand them?  Find a poor girl at a neighborhood tavern.  Forget them nightclub “superstars”!
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  1. Klancy permalink
    November 23, 2011 7:33 pm

    Yeah, is it just me, or are female celebrities getting crasser by the year? It used to be male stars who were the crass and vulgar and immature ones. Now it seems like women have more than caught them up. Kim Kadashian is one … very disturbed woman. I don’t get her.

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