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Hobo higher education program now accepting applicants

October 30, 2011
Our country was founded by farmers, tradesmen, and criminals.

Our President wants every citizen and illegal immigrant in this country allowed to attend a college or university.  Plus, we will finance your education costing now $18,000 per year to attend a state school, and $38,000 per year for a private school.  The USA wants you to be in debt for a minimum of $72,000 when you try to find a job.

It’s time for the parents and students to have a real choice!  A lot of your higher educated realtives and friends are unemployed or underemployed, with their education debt growing faster than their income.  Welcome to Hobo higher education!
Do you want your children to learn about the world, and not learn how to appease a egocentric professor?  Are you using college like a status symbol to prove your success?  Hobo folk don’t care how we look, who we impress, and what is the latest status symbol.  Hobo education does avoid plastic artificial culture like Hooters, in favor of blue collar taverns.  Nobody wears designer jeans and nobody allowed to wear flip flops.  No hobo in this world would waste a penny on flip flops.  You need to protect your feet and sandals are frowned upon.
We are accepting applications.  You don’t need a ACT or SAT, or high school diploma.  Admission is $50 per week.  you furnish your own housing with a tent.  We will direct you to the most convenient campground, and your hobo instructor will show up when convenient.  We don’t take IOU and you don’t need a loan.  Professor Doom is special guest lecturer to explain why it won’t matter what school you go to if you’re stupid already.
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