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Give me your money so I won’t persecute you!

October 26, 2011
Who’s the artist who did this crap? Did they get paid?

This poster is a rip off of Russian Revolution art.  I like the advice of bring your tent.  Of course every urban protestor has a tent.  Did they mention bring a bar of soap for these smelly bio hazard zone folks?

We are waiting for the puppet masters creating a mob army from “black panthers” and Muslim terrorists in the USA to start the torture and brutal killings.  The playbook is following Mao’s cultural revolution.  Only a few million were killed in that glorious purging in China.
The dupes and morons in this protest movement are too dumb to know they are being used for political theater.  Of course, the difference in the USA is that even ignorant, illiterate unemployed kids know that they want to get money, not a revolution.  A revolution makes the leaders rich, and the followers begging to get what little they had before the revolution.  It’s time to stop the nonsense with the President empathising with the protestors.  We don’t need empathy.  We need action to get our economy back to life, instead of bleeding it for more government spending.  Like Solyndra for $500 million lost, or loaning the Russian steel magnate $700 million for a steel mill, our current executive branch is making the rich, richer at our expense.
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