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NBA lockout of 2011 ignored by lawmakers and president!

October 16, 2011
What happened to the 2011 NBA season?

Forget about Iran trying to bomb the USA in Washington DC.  Forget about the smelly biohazard protestors that have Mayor Bloomberg hiding in fear.  Forget about the “PASS MY JOBS BILL”  What is the President, the Ponahou private elite highschool basketball player doing on the NBA lockout?

Hate to admit that the nightclubs miss their NBA big spenders.  Likewise, the Mercedes car sales guys are sitting around lonely without them NBA gifts to girl friends.  Lebron James has tears of joy from 2010 season.  The only guys happy about the lockout are the tatoo parlors grinding out more artwork on the NBA players.
Can NBA collect unemployment on their multi million dollar salaries?  I do remember B.O. was quick to tell NFL both sides to settle since they were all part of 1% rich!  How come no pep talk on telling NBA 1% to turn over all profits to the protestors in Wall Street?
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