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Santa Claus and Uncle Sam are myths, so grow up already!

October 15, 2011
Wall Street Protest 2011 nobody cares anyway!

There is the ideal world that is supposed to be.  There is the real world that is.  The protestors have left the real world and entered an escape from reality with peace, love, nobody should get ripped off, Uncle Sam should look out for the rich and the poor, etc.

Our Nobel Peace Prize President Obama got us into so many wars, kinetic activity battles, drone attacks, smuggling guns to drug dealers, and demands more killing from Pentagon war machine.  He’s shooting, killing, and getting us killed everywhere faster than anybody!
He’s way too busy to worry about throwing away a trillion bucks on solar energy companies in USA.  Anyway, those companies are going broke and our money is going away too with them jokers.  Uncle Sam has retired.  We got the Chicago Mob in the White House stealing our tax money for their buddies, and yelling at Wall Street to distract us.
Them poor paid protestors don’t know why they’re sleeping in the park, except they’re collecting $600 a week from sponsors with deep pockets who want the USA all distracted to really rip us off.  Nikita Kruschev and Mao Tse Tung would love to see these characters on parade in the news protesting the imperialist regime of Obama kowtowing to the wealthy carpetbaggers today.  The TEA Party used their own money and unpaid time to protest and remain vigilant on this circus of idiots now.  TEA Party didn’t roll in filth, and screw in the park for entertainment.  TEA Party didn’t ask to break any laws on squatter rights on private property, and yes we got permits and all that legal nonsense to protest.  This mob doesn’t need to follow any rules, any laws, and laughs at the Mayor of New York as a joke.  He is a joke, and a coward.  Mayor Daley busted heads in Chicago in 1968.  Mayor Bloomberg hides in his mansion hoping they go away.
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