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America has gone soft thanks to Community Organizer Obama

October 1, 2011
I thought it was manly to take responsibility B.O.?

Sometimes the truth hurts!  Okey, we had to say it.  Obama sucks as a president.  His staff sucks.  Chu throwing money at solar companies going out of business as his energy policy.  Meanwhile North Dakota & South Dakota can’t find enough people to work on the shale oil projects, while China drives out of business our solar companies stuffed with tax money we don’t got.

Attorney General Holder approves of us killing citizens anywhere it’s convenient.  He also wants to set up civilian trials for foreign terrorists?  But we got to kill US citizens without trial.  We got to lose money on selling illegal guns to Mexican drug lords.
President Obama calls out the unemployed and underemployed on verge of bankruptcy challenging them soft weak people start working.  This is the same president that needs to keep people on unemployment for multiple years of benefits?  This is the same president that wants us to allow illegal immigrants take jobs at higher minimum wages?  Arizona was going to harass Mexican parents at the ice cream shop?!  This is confusing?
We’ll let Obama enjoy his retirement without any lifetime pension from the tax payers.  Don’t be so soft!
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