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Idiot hikers will return to the USA jumping bail Iran

September 25, 2011
Let’s go hiking in Pakistan next vacation!

Joshua Fattal, Shane Bauer, and Sarah Shourd were enjoying the natural splendour of Iraq on a hike, when something strange happened!  Now we were planning to hike in Iraq for our vacation but have canceled after their experience.  Iran captured them!  Gosh!

These 3 goofs occupied a lot of time and money that added to our deficit.  The “bail” posted for all 3 goofs was ransom to buy their freedom.  We know the parents didn’t pay a nickel to get them home.  So we got fleeced for getting 3 goofs back.  Hope they go to enjoy the hiking in Pakistan for 2012.
The US diplomacy is money.  We have lined the pockets of more 2 bit dictators and made them rich with our money.  Once upon a time, the USA didn’t pay ransom, and we could have mourned them as hikers for freedom as martyrs.  Now we will have to endure their television interviews, guest appearences, books, ad nauseum.  Hope their parents appreciate how stupid their kids are.
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