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Hey, it’s only our money they’re wasting!

September 23, 2011

Department of Justice must love them $16 muffins!  Hey, nothing is too good for our government executives with our tax money.  How about some $10 dollar coffee?  They had some meeting and thought it would be nice to have some coffee and muffins.  That’s robbery!  Oh, never mind it’s only our money they’re wasting.  You know they wouldn’t spend a nickle of their own money that way.

This is the same department of government that can’t figure out how them illegal guns got sold to Mexican drug lords!  Gun stores called to report suspicious characters with wads of money showing up.  They were told it’s okay to sell it all by the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms branch of justice.  Seems confusing to us simple folk?!  Did we think them guns wouldn’t be mowing down Mexican soldiers, police, and innocent citizens south of our border?

Sometimes I wonder if anyone has any sense left in our government?  Anyway Eric Holder has a lot of fat lardass Justice folk stuffing muffins into their face at his meetings.  Too bad a lot of folks got killed by our “Fast Furious” gun running with a green light from his group.  But why would Justice worry about that?

Get me some of those muffins for $16 a piece! Michelle wants caviar tonight too!

Obama has the problem solved.  He will hire a czar and staff to save money in the White House after they meet in Hawaii at a 5 star resort.

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