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USA discriminates against rich white citizens!

September 17, 2011

If everyone is to be treated equally by government programs paid by taxpayers, then why does the USA discriminate against the rich white people?

HUD been telling cities and towns get friendly visits from HUD folk on offering housing at lower prices and lower rent.  Why can’t white folks get the same opportunity?

White folks are expected to pay more for housing, pay more in property taxes, pay more in income taxes, and shovel more money into HUD so we won’t feel guilty about what?  I demand that subsidized housing should not be based upon need (not making enough money).  It is discriminating against whites that only Afro Americans qualify for special deals.  My 2 sons are unemployed, not making any income and want to leave home.  Sound like HUD candidates for a new house!  One wants to live by the ocean in California, and the other wants to live in Chicago along the lake front.  Will let you know what luck we have on their desire to get assistance.  If they join ACORN then they can qualify?

If Uncle Sam is supposed to be a Santa Claus,  who figured this out?  Uncle Sam isn’t real, and neither is Santa Claus!

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