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“The Jobs Act” of President Obama is shovel ready!

September 10, 2011
Happy in the good old days of 2008

Nostalgia is all we got to enjoy these days.  The future looks worse than the past.  The past wasn’t much to brag of either.

Yes, President Obama in 2008 had both the Senate and the House seats filled with the asses of Democrats.  He didn’t do the work to get any “Job Act” since he was too busy do something else.
“Pass my bill!”  Our President wants his new legislation THE JOB ACT passed into law.  There is no legislation in any document form that can be submitted for vote.  Maybe they can submit his speech text and pass that into law?
We know the HealthCare act was only 25,000 pages.  It may be this bill is so important that it will be 100,000 pages!  Wow, these guys saw down a lot of trees and emit a lot of methane with all their farting around.  Could we get a report to the USA on how the Stimulus Bill worked out for the USA?  Didn’t hear the president bragging about how Stimulus Bill with “shovel ready” jobs added so many jobs?
China expands their economy by government supporting their industry by removing obstacles.  USA loves to add rules, regulations, penalties, delay permits, and have 500 inspectors checking for endangered grub worms on job sites.
“Pass this bill!”  We passed the Stimulus Bill.  Tell me how this helped, besides another trillion dollars of debt.
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