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Cuba had more new jobs last month than USA!!

September 2, 2011
Comrade we beat USA!

Pravda will be reporting that Cuba created more jobs for their country than the entire USA for August!  We created 0 jobs, goose egg, nothing, null void.

Perhaps our President should visit Castro and read the memoirs of Nikita Kruschev to find some answers.  This is not just embaressing, it’s plain stupid!
I know them rascal Republicans cause a lot of problems!  But couldn’t Obama talk to his veterinarian on hiring one assistant for Obama’s dog?
One thing for sure, dogs have to look twice before letting someone pet them.  They might want to cook them for supper!  It used to be the Chinese ate dogs.  Now we got folks thinking differentlly about animal shelters.  Might be some good meals there!
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