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Obama vacation 2011 Martha’s vineyard

August 20, 2011
sour grapes by Obama that Grapes Books don’t carry his book!

A lot of us are sleeping with one eye open now.  Our President and fearless leader is on vacation!  We feel a lot safer when he is on the job, which ain’t too often.

Vladimir Putin went wild game hunting in the barren Siberian wilderness and bagged a big cat.  Bet the US reporters would really love that assignement.  Sorry, no champagne, and 1st class accomodations in Siberia.  Maybe we should trade leaders for fun?!
Whatever became of the dog Obama kids had to have?  Putin is always showing off his black labrador Koni.  Anyway, President couldn’t find his “best seller” books at Martha’s Vineyard book store Grape Books.  He ordered a military plane drop a ton of his book immediately!  Who’s buying it anyway?  Too many folks out of work, and getting kicked out of their homes now.
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