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Nobody cares we started a war?! Where is Libya anyway?

August 15, 2011
The gang that can’t shoot straight?

Does anybody remember when and why we started trying to kill the little colnel in Libya?  Our president knew he was too tough to kill, so he turned the war over to NATO.  That means we spend all the money and supply all the troops, but the USA don’t get the credit, only the blame.

The ultimate insult to the ego of our president is that he started the way in Libya.  The Nobel Peace Prize doesn’t promote starting wars, I don’t think.  What if we started a war and nobody cares?  What if the war in Libya has no goal, and has no end?

President Obama is on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.  Somebody will get him the word if we kill Ghadaffi.  It seems more likely that Ghadaffi will still be running the country of Libya while Obama expects for US voters to have amnesia and vote him into office as President in 2012.,  Any President that wants us to die under leadership of NATO is an idiot.  Go back to Chicago and shut up.
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