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Al Gore has “Rocky Mountain High” blood pressure pop!

August 14, 2011
Al lashes out against scientists and “g**dIII climate!

Al Gore does not like scientists questioning his faith and belief that man is destroying the world.  He is attending a conference in Aspen on saving the world, according to him.  We just need to die and let the world go on.  After all, he does weep and wail over the polar bears all the time.  It seems polar bears and grizzly bears are attacking a lot of people.  Are the bears messengers of global vengeance of Al?

I look forward to Al screaming, yelling, and throwing more tantrums!  I love to see a grown man act like a baby.  We are in the midst of global warming in Wisconsin with evenings in August at 55 degrees and a heatwave of 75 degrees!  We are melting and wilting under global temperate weather.
Al needs to get a few more massage ladies to get him simmered down.  The last one he attacked did not believe his claim that he needs sex to save the planet.
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