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Hobo for president 2012! We can’t do worse!

August 6, 2011
What me worry? I’m a trillionaire!

Don’t send in a college professor to do a hobo’s job!  Professor Obama needs to go back to school.  We appreciate his lecturing us on not eating right, not living right, not this and not that too!  Just shut up already!

It’s time to get a hobo in charge.  The hobo party will start their selection process right after we get drunk this weekend.  Maybe we should make our choice while drinking?
President Obama decisions drunk or sober ain’t much difference in the results.  All lousy.  Can’t we compromise?  That’s his big line on anything.  Can’t we compromise?  The greatest compromiser of all time is Obama.
We can’t compromise on the inflation, unemployment, homeless, dead military, and billions thrown down the outhouse crap hole of government “help” to Affhanistan, Pakistan, Mongoloia, Russia, China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Illinois.  The dead can’t speak out.  We have killed too many of our military and started shooting in Libya with no idea on what the hell that was for.  We don’t have money, don’t have a plan, and have to compromise on any and everything.  Time for a hobo.
As your president, I will move the secretary of the Treasury to Las Vegas.  Our credit rating is down, but we’re not out of chips.  Come on 7!  Roll them bones!  The Department of IRS will move to North Dakota.  The Department of wasting money will move to Alaska, and maybe some of them folks will quit?
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