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President Obama celebrates his birth certificate with a party!

July 22, 2011

It’s been fifty years.  50 annual cycles of our earthly calender have come and gone since B.O. was born.  He is so proud of his birth certificate, that he is celebrating that his certificate is now 50 years old!

Donald Trump wanted to spank him 50 times for good luck!  However, B.O. is a little too hefty to lay across his lap for a good paddling.

We will be happy when B.O. can retire in Chicago in 2013 to celebrate that birthday out of the White House.

People around the world will enjoy the spontaneous outpouring of love and celebration!  The USA will have every city, town and village ring church bells and honor the local community organizers who might be our next president!











Sometimes it's nifty to be fifty!

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