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President Obama trashes Kabuki theater of Japan!

July 19, 2011
Why are Republicans accused of being Kabuki performers?

Why do the Democrats keep saying Republicans are Kabuki entertainers?  Is this like karoake?

My favorite line of the “great communicator” Ronald Reagan is the following;  “There you go again!”  This was delivered with a wry smirk of sarcasm.  It seems the Democrats need to forget about Japan theater.  Why is everything just like Kabuki theater to these guys?  What the hell is Kabuki theater?  Is Kabuki theater bad or un-American?

I can see mobs of inflamed voters streaming into the streets to protest!  “No more Kabuki theater!”
Anyway, the problem with President Obama is that any idea the Republicans offer is terrible for a lot of reasons.  We anxiously await the “big idea” from Obama that he is guarding behind his back.  Meanwhile, stop making fun of Japan culture!  I advocate Obama open his kimono and reveal his big idea.
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