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President debt trap for USA

July 16, 2011
Trillion, Jillion, or Zillion bucks? What me worry?

President Obama loves to ask for ideas, and then loves to shoot them down.  What is his “big” idea?  B.O. wants a balanced budget between increased revenue and budget cuts.  So do we!  He doesn’t know what the plan should look like.  He won’t support a plan he doesn’t like.  He won’t tell us what he likes.  This is really like seeking out a hermit guru on the mountain top to learn the mystery of life.  When you get there, he asks you what do you think?  Then he goes golfing and lets you figure it out.

He needs a  debt czar. It seems he can’t do any work unless he got a czar to do the work for him.

This sort of reminds of professional wrestling.  A lot of yelling and trash talking into microphones.  A lot of strutting around on television, and the fight is rigged.  We know the US taxpayer will hold the bag of debt manure, and the President will sniff that it smells bad but don’t blame him.  He will go globe trotting with Michelle, and leave the taxpayers in the debt trap.
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