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Attorney General Holder selling guns for money to drug dealers!

July 8, 2011

How much money did we get?

This is getting silly!  President Obama has Attorney General Holder trying to get more money from legal and illegal operations.  Hey, this is not Chicago!  Never mind, you guys still act like you’re in the ‘hood.

Anyway, selling illegal guns confiscated by ATF through ATF to Mexican drug lords lost money!?  How can they lose money selling guns they never paid for?  If you want to know how government thinks it can help us in the economy, just look at the ATF caper under Holder.  Sell illegal guns to drug lords, and not make any money!?

Or is Hillary Clinton laundering the money by taking bags of cash on trips around the globe?  She’s never home, and “slick Willy” has never been happier getting busy! “Show me the money!!”  Who’s got the drug money?  Did it just walk out with Holder?

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