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Hillary Clinton exports homosexual cultural ambassador; “lady gaga”

July 4, 2011
Oh to be young, and gay again!

Since most of our commercial media is in the pocket of big buisness, or big lobbyists, or big government we don’t learn much of the truth.  PRAVDA is a communist publication that always is on the look out for the failures and foibles of the USA capitalism, but then so is commercial media in the USA!  PRAVDA reported that Russia is pissed that the USA sent (at us taxpayer expense) “lady gaga” for a gay festival in Italy.  Really?

Did you hear much about this anywhere?  Anyway, gaga is running down Russia for not putting the alternative homosexual lifestyle on a  pedastel like in SanFrancisco or Fire Island.  We don’t know how lucky we are to have Hillary Clinton supporting lesbian gay rights around the world.  Russia seems to be ignoring Hillary Clinton and “lady gaga” and how dare they?!
Anyhow, why does the world dare to ignore our concern for gay rights in every country?  President Obama is proud of his record and the great accomplishments of his vision of the USA with gay rights, electric cars, flurescent lightbulbs, and children who don’t have to pray or pledge alliegence to the flag of the USA!
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