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The “lone star” state fighting for us and 10th amendment!

June 19, 2011

Texas stands strong!Fighting for the USA 10th amendment!

We all have had a big brother or big sister experience in growing up.  Either we were the older sibling bossing around our younger brother or sister, or we were getting bossed around.  We don’t need the Federal government that we vote into office, acting as if we are too dumb to know what we are doing in our own state!?

Oklahoma affirmed in their state legislature that the 10th amendment tells the federal government to stop acting as if they can boss us around on everything!  Texas supports this.  More important, the governor of Texas may throw his cowboy hat into the race for President.
Governor Rick Perry has created a thriving state that has not participated in the recession still kicking most of the country in the ass.  Time for another Texas president!

Rick Perry fighting for 10th amendment for Texas!

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