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NATO is out of bullets, missiles, and Libya wins!

June 10, 2011
NATO is out of bullets, missiles, and cannon shells. Gadaffi laughs!

National Atlantic Treaty Organization is NATO.  Allies in arms to respond to threats of agression to the member countries by combining forces and resources.

However, the USA military are the chumps picking up the tab for the allies. The allies got nice parade armies, but not battle ready armies!
It’s time to bring home our military, and prepare to save a lot of lives, and a lot of money.  We don’t need to waste our young military forces, and pay the price of nations who use the USA.
President B.O. is trigger happy now!  Bomb Libya!  Why not bomb Syria?  Why not bomb Iran?  Why not bomb Korea?  We’re running out of bombs and missiles, and oh yeah, running out of military that aren’t fighting someplace already.  How come it’s okey to go around picking fights, and killing people in other countries?  Wonder if that makes USA more popular?
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