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Cruise to the Greek Isles before they’re bankrupt!

June 10, 2011

Calista Gingrich is taking her jewelry box and tropical wardrobe on a cruise.  You coming along Newt?  Guess so!?

Gingrich are cruising away, as welll as his plans for Presidency!

Yes dear!  There are hard choices to be made in solving our national debt, endless war, and no jobs.  Newt solved his main problem, making his wife shut up and take a cruise.  It’s sort of like Joe Biden and B.O. globe hopping on our dime.  However, Newt is paying for this trip himself!  Did he tell Calista they could travel a lot more when in White House paid by the USA?

I love “The Greek Isles” restaurant in Illinois Chicago and also Lombard.  Flaming sagnaki cheese, “Oopa!”  Roditys wine, and Greek bread with olive oil is a banquet!  Newt as your hobo chief of staff, I suggest you take Calista to The Greek Isles restaurant in Illinois, and play dumb about her cruise idea.  A lot cheaper, a lot more fun, and hey Roditys wine will make her quit her bitching’!

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