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Brooklyn voters need to elect hobo to Congress!

June 7, 2011
Anthony Weiner bares all his dirty laundry!

Brooklyn does not have the patience for the moron Anthony Weiner crying that he didn’t and then he did show himself in some goofy attempt to get girls to notice him?!  What happened to the old fashioned means of meeting a girl?  How about a billboard in Manhattan exposing yourself you idiot?

We have it on good authority that when playing for JETS, Brett Favre told Anthony Weiner how Brett met women when in New York City!  Brett has great skill with texting and taking pictures of himself.

This little pipsqueak has a big mouth, and nobody likes him in Congress.  The people in Brooklyn have enough problems to handle, without carrying this joke on their backs now!  You folks in New York will be better served by a hobo, then this clown.  Uncle Stosh will move to Brooklyn and promises not to drop his pants in public!  As our Hobo Czar for President Obama, he knows all the joints lobbyists will meet for cocktails and campaign donations.  Plus, Uncle Stosh does not know how to text or use computers so Brooklyn is safe!
Weiner ain’t welcome to the hobo jungle.  He’s a creepy guy.  How come he’s not wearing the battle scars where his wife beaned him with a rolling pin?  She’s got to kick his ass to get his attention.
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