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Congressman Anthony Weiner at the beach!

June 5, 2011
Congressman Weiner claims somebody stold his shoes, sox, and rolled up his trousers!

Congressman Anthony Weiner has been flustered by rascals who caught him in a picture with his pants down!  This photo proves beyond a question of a dobut, that even on the beach, he wears a tie, dress shirt and suit pants!  It must be a little warm under the collar?!

Anyway, this little pipsqueak congressman thinks he’s Napoleon!  You can’t get him to shut up, and he cusses out his own state congress representatives just to prove he’s a empty headed blowhard!
The reason this guy believes half the nonsense he babbles about, is he’s recently married!  Most longtime  married guys shut up and are quiet.  That’s why women in congress are more trouble than men.
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