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Air Force One had to break out gas masks!

June 5, 2011
Holy Toledo! B.O. at Rudy’s had 2 chilidogs, fries, plus a bowl of chili for lunch!

Our President was celebrating getting away from Michelle Obama dietician.  At Rudy’s in Toledo the President was polite in trying some of the local cuisine.  He forced himself to have a order of french fries, bowl of chili, 2 chili dogs, and a soda.  Good gravy!

I know we are paying for his travel, but would you want to have a bowl of chili and 2 chili dogs before you get onto an airplane for a couple of hours?  Wow!  B.O. not only is eating our money, he’s stinking up the joint!

The return flight from Toledo on AirForce One was no fun.  Gas masks were issued to the cabin passengers as the President had a gas!
The worst is yet to come.  Michelle Obama and her mom will get B.O. a full lecture on his Toledo pig out.  It’s okey, the President won’t blow his own horn, but he can certainly toot!
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