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What is a Kabuki Dance? Why is Congress like one?

June 1, 2011

We have a debt limit that needs to be busted!  Heck, what is 14 trillion dollars anyway? Why not 16 trillion, or a zillion dollars in debt?  Those pesky Republicans elected back into the Houseof Representatives don’t like a blank check budget.

One of those Democrats accused them nay sayers of being a Kabuki Dancer?  Is that good or bad?  Haven’t seen any Kabuki Dancer on “America’s Got Talent!”  Did watch last night some good magic acts, and those dancers in the dark with the light up outfits.  It was quite a show!

Anyhow, it seems stupid to assume we can’t do anything that makes sense, because the world markets will implode without us going more into debt.  Will that brilliant Democrat explain to us what we got to show with the 14 trillion in debt?  What do we get with 16 trillion in debt?  I think most of the USA know higher taxes is what we get.

Will Biden ever explain to the USA the trillion dollars of stimulus spending?  I didn’t see a whole lot from that money.  Did you?

Mr. President, I can't find the trillion dollars I'm responsible for spending.

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