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Just say; “There’s no place like home!”

May 28, 2011

"We're not in Kansas anymore!"President Obama is wandering around the world. Why? He doesn't want to stay home. He doesn't want to face the problems at home. He rather mess up all the other countries in the world! Will anyone bother to report his travel budget? We are buying hotdogs instead of steak. We are going to GoodWill instead of Macy's. Unemployment has been increasing, and most income has decreased across all families. How come we should pay him to keep traveling like a grand potentate? Let him travel like the king of Denmark. The king gets on a commercial flight without an entourage and fleet of armored limousines on 3 jumbo jets, like our President.Mr President we need to cut this short, so we can play golf!

It’s hard to deal with such a hectic schedule as our President.  Golf, toastmaster at posh dinners in England, France, golf, accepting awards for saving the world!  How about us folks back home?  He might hold another set of meetings on employment.  He won’t promise it will accomplish anything.  We know he won’t accomplish anything.

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