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“Auto-pen” has authorized continued police state!

May 27, 2011
I didn’t sign anything! That machine signed because the teleprompter told it to sign.

WOW!  While drinking beer in a pub in Ireland, the auto-pen signed extension of “Patriot Act”!

This act basically allows a police state to continue unabated.  We look forward to stealth drone aircraft to be hovering around your neighborhood with missiles at the ready.
Getting tired of war, killing, holding people in prisons for 10 years without bothering to hold trials.  It’s such an inconvenience to our President.  Why he might have to actually do some work, in person!
His role as toastmaster is not going too well with his flubbing England.  He should really practice on Mongolia before going to the big leagues like England or France.  At least the teleprompter and auto-pen reassure us that some things are under control.
The undeclared unauthorized war unleashed on Libya is to get oil, not human rights.  The endless killing on all sides has accomplished???   If there was no oil, our pangs of conscience and concern would be absent, and so would our troops.  Our invisible energy policy of the USA government has us taking oil from any and all folks with guns who want to take over any oil country.
I will vote for anyone who will bring our troops home, and starts drilling for oil in the USA.  We would never be baby sitting desert countries if not for oil in the desert.  If Richard Nixon could be resurrected, I would vote for him.  He got elected on the pledge of ending war, and that he did.  He also opened trade with China and signed nuclear peace treaty with USSR.  Everyone screams about his political dirty tricks.  Right, everyone in Washington are such boy scouts, that they never use illegal funds, lie, cheat, and steal to win.
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