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No more “I’ll be back!” So long Austrian Oak block head.

May 21, 2011
Setting fashion trends with torn clothes.

For those ancient enough to remember, I grew up with Steve Reeve’s movies.  He was quite a interesting character.  He was morbidly obese, but obviously of a massive frame with muscles to carry the excess weight.  Then he shed the pounds by a discipline he set to reclaim his life.  It turned out he had a handsome face, Olympian physique, and a career from body building led to the silver screen.  Most of his epic films were made in Europe with casts of thousands, costumes, spears, battles and of course a damsel in distress.  They were all a young boy could want for a Saturday matinee.

Now, Arnold made violent, bloody carnage movies with no plot, sense of humor, and no style at all.  He saw himself as a pinup model as captain beefcake.  Too bad he ruined his family life by dropping his shorts after he got married.  What a moron.  The only good thing to come of his libido ruining his life I can see is this.  He won’t be making those awful movies anymore.  Thank you Jesus!
California boy Steve Reeves in the 1960’s.

Steve actually made some fun action movies that would be popular today.  They weren’t gruesome, grotesque, or mindless.  He was the hero battling overwhelming odds in every movie.  We were rooting for him to win, and we liked him.

Because he lived most of his life morbidly obese, he was cut off from the social scene being unpopular. Perhaps that’s why he wasn’t vain and self centered.  He grew up as an outcast and outsider.  He was proud of his accomplishment to lose weight, but he wasn’t a self centered the world loves me womanizer.  He also was popular around the world since making most of his movies in Europe.
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