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Pakistan “palace” of Bin Laden lacking pizzazz.

May 6, 2011
Palace for sale, must go!

Saw some pictures of the property in Pakistan of the recently deceased Bin Laden.  18 foot high walls with barbed wire on top?  They definitely didn’t want any kids selling fund raiser magazines for school.  The walls look as charming as a prison.  The quality of construction looked mediocre overall, with crumbling and splitting walls, etc.

He lived there with his 5th wife?  Hope the other 4 got better housing than that “palace” dump!  His getaway idea is to have $750 sewn into his cloak?  That is chump change that won’t get you out of Pakistan.
They couldn’t give that dump to hobo folks.  Our SEAL team didn’t waste time there.  Don’t blame them for leaving quick.  Even a hobo would be ashamed to call that “palace” their home.
He must have been a real popular neighbor.  He kept farm animals inside the walled property?  Did he keep the smell inside too?  One thing is for sure.  He didn’t own any dogs.  Anybody who is not a dog person is not my kind.  The dogs would have raised hell about the SEAL team in his yard.  He didn’t have an escape hatch in this fortified “palace’?
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