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Do you believe? Bin Laden will spend eternity in hell!

May 2, 2011
9/11/2001 sneak attack on USA

In my world, that beautiful blue sky and dazzling morning sunlight made me happy on my way to work.  I felt this could be a good day.  On the car radio I heard a strange report about some airplane accident in Manhattan.  It sounded like it might be a small commuter plane?  I was worried about some colleagues and people I knew in Manhattan a world away from Green Bay area.

I felt uneasy and quickly turned on the news on NBC on television.  They already had the television camera on the World Trade Center.  I was stunned that it was the tower hit.  Bryan Gumbel was talking when we saw the 2nd jet airliner hit another tower.  It was a shot to my stomach and I felt sick and knew that we were being slaughtered by evil cowards.  Eventually, the bragging and celebrating of these murders left a bloody trail to Bin Laden. 
The shock and devestation left us stunned, but not immobilized.  Wisconsin like other states shipped out firefighters, church helpers with ministers, and Schneider Trucking rerouted via computer network semi trucks with needed supplies enroute for other delivery destinations.  The action and work reduced our dwelling on fear of unknown threats, and focused on aid and rebuilding.
Anyway, don’t wake the dog if you don’t want to get bit.  Bin Laden figured we would give up, weep a lot, and pay extortion money.  The spirit of the USA is alive just like the hisory of our country is alive.  The MinuteMan, the marines storming Tripoli pirates, you pick it, you find we are peace loving folks who do get riled up.  So been thinking about those gone, hoping there is such a thing as heaven for a joyful reunion with all their families.  And what about the other side of the ledger?  Bin Laden deserves full time attention from Satan and his guests.  Do you think there is a hell?  It must be a package deal.  If there’s a heaven, why not a hell?  All I know is, if I see Bin Laden after I’m dead, I will be pissed!
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